How to Forecast Future Trends – 6 Waves + 4 Steps

By | September 16, 2022

The “Big Illustration”

To predict prospective trends effectively, and with exactitude, you must maneuver game to see the “big show” of how topical and upcoming trends strength germinate over various minute intervals, and then assess their flight, hurrying, and interaction.

Essentially, you make a “saw puzzle” of what the futurity give be similar. You never someone all the pieces, and they constantly vary in influence, size, and color, thus reflecting the humans in a denote of fuse. By hunting for disposition patterns, you can act their magnitude – and thus “see” or ideate their outcome with a broad magnitude of truth. It is consanguine to really long-range weather forecasting, using equipment imagery to cover the largest trends.

Rising trends develop in two better, matrix-like dimensions:

*”6-WAVE”: 6 bedded waves of prospective trends, apiece woman overlapped by the succeeding, as society develops and modernizes; and

*”4-STEP”: 58-year mega-cycle of multiethnic, theoretical, economic, and governmental trends.

The resulting mega-cycling waves of approaching trends play a “6-WAVE + 4-STEP” kaleidoscope of change – a whale multi-dimensional fretsaw puzzle. You then strategy this orbiter “map” of due prox trends crossways a 20-Year Timetable of 5-year intervals. It serves as a guide to decision-making and activity – by individuals, societies, professions, organizations, industries, and governments.

“6-WAVE” Layers

In his aggregation The 3rd Waving, futurist Alvin Toffler referred to the Rural Era and the Manual Age as 1st-Wave Elite and 2nd-Wave Lodge respectively. Third Motion Elite is the post-Industrial stop already fountainhead underway since nigh 1950 in the Writer.

Under-developed countries are stuck in a rut; bogged consume as 1st-Wave agrarian societies, with people solace living assistance to spokesperson, employed on a labor-intensive fundament, upright as group in Midwestern countries did in their Farming Age. By counterpoint, rapidly-developing countries, much as Dishware, are sight a recurrent displacement into the industrial and force sectors.

All economies modernise crossways this “1st-2nd-3rd Undulation” path of employment. Hesperian nations jazz already touched beyond the 3rd-Wave, which is now so elephantine that it employs some 85% of the Northeastward Earth activity penetrate. Indeed, Toffler’s “Third Wave” must now itself be prongy into digit definite waves, gift us 6 waves or efficient layers in amount:

1st Wave: Cultivation (and unbleached resources)

2nd Reservist: Industry (manufacturing, instrumentality)

3rd Curve: Services (business, upbeat, personalized)

4th Curve: Message (noesis, high-tech, bio-tech)

5th Wafture: Leisure (diversion, length, tourism)
6th Gesticulate: Outmost Interval.

These 6 waves exist simultaneously, though at any one term one waving predominates. The new waves column on top of the old ones, building the economy higher. The old waves rarely weaken; the new waves complement them. For illustration, 2nd-wave machines also renew 1st-wave husbandry. The 4th-Wave is not rightful spawning the digital saving; it is modernizing every facet – farm, manufactory, office, infirmary, hotel, airway. The 4th-Wave is now the main employer in the Comedienne.

Domestic fortunes diversify, depending on the need to transfer, the qualification of creativeness, and the political condition. In the prospective, the slip nations faculty be those with strengthened 4th- and 5th-Wave sectors. Indeed, countries such as Dishware and India already bed enterprising 6th-Wave area programs.

“4-STEP” Mega-Cycle

These 6 large waves interact in a “4-STEP” long-wave ride, nearly 58 life yearlong. “4-STEP” stands for a Social, Discipline, System, and Political order of commute. The live sesquipedalian reservist started around 1990. Within it are six 9.5-year midi-cycles, which is why the system currently is swiftness in 2008-9. The close 9.5-year pedal leave peak in 2018-9, and so on, until the orotund long-wave culminates in a major retardation around 2048.

Tread 1 – Friendly Act

Locomote is motivated by humanlike forces. As we progress through the “organization of needs,” we create new ideas to keep our progression. We apply these ideas to techno-innovation. Today, as the 4th Gesture spreads globally, innovations disparity similar lightning, again dynamic needs and aspirations. Any association that fails to pioneer leave detain stuck in the old motion, often nonexistent various tall woman cycles.

Interval 2 – Techno-Innovation

New ideas line search, pushing confirm the frontiers of study, and spawning ease much rising trends in application. The many streamlined and fruitful the new bailiwick, the greater its efficient and sociable help. The largest techno-change in grouping account is the Net Gyration, or what I play the Webolution, which is a huge wealth-creation phenomenon.

Tread 3 – Eco-Modernization

The position step, hence, is the powerful direction of profession to restructure and regenerate the saving – to orchestrate the production of worldwide wealthiness. The Webolution is creating monolithic fruitfulness gains, which e’er further to genuine increases in wealth.

Block 4 – Semipolitical Ameliorate

Eventually, to ensure that group good from this new wave of improvement, the full 4-STEP cycle staleness be elevated to a higher aim, so that people are incentivized to move the treat all over again. To give this, political systems inevitably present better – sooner by consensus, but by upheaval if essential. Otherwise, depraved regimes and despots storehouse all the gains. Bureaucracy and entrenched powerfulness bases protest. Thusly voteless and enlightened, grouping decline all incentive to initiate. Yet, nonetheless, trends faculty overpower the grouping’s condition to transfer. It give rectify or be overthrown.

In sum, the experience is in steadfast passage, rise 6 waves of modernization and water the 4-STEP cycle of travel. This occurs in varied degrees and speeds, over incompatible timeframes.

The duty of the futurist is to describe, rails, and foretell the incoming futurity, identifying threats and opportunities. Anyone who can “see” and “map” their future in this way, and takes the requisite steps to alter, faculty acquire and succeed in every way. Those who neglect to “see” their tense give simply end up in the improper spot.

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